WRA, Silver ~ Mukwonago Interior

To remodel a 1980’s house into an updated residence that will meet the existing and future needs of a customer that is transgressing through the disabling effects of Muscular Sclerosis.

The customer insisted that the project, while following ADA specifications, would not appear as a handicapped residence. It is necessary for the customer to access all three floors of residence. Their budget restraints limited the work to interior remodeling only.

The scope of the work concentrated on three major areas considered as critical to meet the objective. First was the design and remodel of a larger ADA master bath, second was the kitchen, and third and most importantly, an inconspicuous three floor elevator.
The location of the elevator shaft was critical to the entire project. A good location would address cost restraints while satisfying the customer’s desire for inconspicuousness.
The perfect place was found. It allowed direct access to the basement, office, first floor kitchen, and the second floor master bedroom. This location also allowed for minimal structural changes, and very little ducting and electrical rerouting. Most importantly, after matching paint and trim, the shaft location was unnoticeable.
The hallways and doors in a portion of the house, that the owner intended on using, were enlarged wider than ADA requirements, to assure ease of wheel chair mobility.
The elevator was ordered with a “no frills” cab that had sufficient room for a wheel chair and companion. We finished the cab to match the woodwork in the existing house and added specialty lighting.
We installed doors and woodwork in the elevator that matched the house, thus reinforcing the owner’s request to hide the elevator.
The master bath was enlarged to allow for an ADA tiled shower with no curb, grab bars, and shower accessories for ease of washing. The deep alcoves were decorated with a beautiful listello that became the focal point rather than the additional grab bars and handicap features.
A custom vanity was designed that would allow for storage under the sink area and look like a regular vanity. When the customer’s ‘Muscular Sclerosis’ progresses to total wheel chair confinement, the portion of the vanity under the sink area may be removed (4 screws) to a true ADA sink top that the wheelchair can roll under.
Other bathroom modifications included special grab bars in the toilet area that hinged down, and an ADA toilet with a heated “bidet” wash feature.
Kitchen alteration included rebuilding and relocating the island for wheel chair clearance and adjusting the existing cabinetry for elevator location.
Cabinets with features were added to ease in handicap accessibility (i.e. pullouts, garbage pullouts, self close doors and counter appliance garages).
Kitchen and dining room electric was upgraded with several remote controlled light areas for customer’s convenience. Cosmetic refurbishing included new granite counters and tile backsplash. New wood flooring was installed throughout the kitchen and the dining room.