WRA, Silver ~ Mukwonago Exterior

Construct a screened in deck porch to be located in the unused area of the backyard. The screen porch has to be handicap accessible with a distinct design that would add an architectural accent to an otherwise plain exterior of the home.

The customer’s desired porch location of being behind the garage, adjacent to the house, has intersecting roofs forming a valley. The valley terminates where the owner wanted the porch to be constructed.

The valley along with a 4/12 pitch on the existing house and garage roofs, made any design a concern for potential ice damming and/or leakage.

A creative design was approved by the customer that would satisfy all that they were looking for.

The installation of the ridge beam diagonal to the house and garage gave both the functionality and the aesthetics the customer was looking for.

Concerns of shallow roof pitches were addressed by extending the peak of the existing house creating a 5/12 pitch and lining the valley with ice and water shield covered with extra-wide metal valley flashing.

We extended the existing house peak 20″ changing the roofline and allowing light to transmit to the far corner of the deck yet provided direct sunlight shade.

To accent the roof lines, tongue and groove cedar was used as ceiling material.

Decking and railing were maintenance free composite material.

All of the posts were wrapped with maintenance free composite material, as well.

The low screens were a concern for damage, having pets and grandkids. Individual aluminum framed screens that are easily removed by screen clips allow for easy removal if repair would be needed.

An ADA compliant ramp was constructed of the same deck material to aid their handicap friends and for future use by the customer.

We installed a cedar arbor to assist the owners “green thumb” in accenting this newly used portion of the yard. The use of the cedar for the arbor complimented the cedar ceiling in the porch.

A brick walkway leading around the garage to the new porch added the finishing touches to the project.