WRA, Gold ~ New Berlin, Lower Level

Maximum ceiling height was important, so we relocated water and gas lines and created low-profile soffits to conceal the unmovable obstacles.

The existing basement had 2 small casement windows that let in very little light. We removed the windows, cut the concrete block, installed 2 microlam headers, and installed much larger casement windows that allow natural light to envelope the entire lower level.

A half-bath was installed that houses a custom maple vanity, a comfort height commode, and a custom linen cabinet that serves multiple purposes. It is a hidden doorway that allows access to the seldom used storage area! Ceramic tile was installed on the floor in this area, matching the feel of the bathrooms upstairs.

A custom maple wet bar with refrigerator and microwave features glass tile backsplash and polished granite countertops. Ceramic tile flooring was installed, matching the neighboring bathroom.

Because of the existing location of the furnace, we constructed and installed a maple pool cue niche that secretly opens, to conveniently change the furnace filters.

A custom crafting area was constructed that allows the whole family to partake in the fun. A new home for “Miguel” the family iguana was constructed in an area that allows him to enjoy the crafting room and gaming area as well.

Because of the location of the existing electrical panel and the added expense of relocating it, creativity was used and a hinged picture frame was used to conceal the eyesore.

Base trim, door and window casing, and drywall textures were matched to the main level. The use of recessed canister lighting was installed to maximize ceiling height as well as accent the masterpiece created in this new living area.