WRA, Bronze ~ Oconomowoc, Kitchen

The projects design incorporated working within the house foot print creating space by removing walls. The larger kitchen had to be compromised by sacrificing space of already marginal sized adjoining rooms.

We removed a large section of the dining room wall. This created the illusion of a larger kitchen while satisfying the customer’s desire for a less formal eating area with more seating capacity.

The second area of expansion was in to the family room. By removing a partial wall and ½ wall we were able to make room for the creation of a large island. This island with its raised serving area became the “kids bar” for snacks and meals.

Meal preparation for as many as four families’, meant that functional cabinet design and layout was critical to the volume of preparation needed. The perfect work triangle was the key to having just enough space for grandma to work her magic. In addition to the layout, custom cabinets with features such as a “super susan” corner unit, pull out tray dividers, spice racks, mixer scissor lift, and garbage pullouts in multiple locations maximized efficiency. An additional sink was added to the island with its’ intended use aimed at filling the grandkids glasses of water and rinsing plates rather than preparing vegetables.

We recessed the refrigerator into the wall, this not only gained a valuable few inches, but also gave a built in “Sub-Zero” look that the customer liked but didn’t want to pay for. A hall pantry cabinet and task area/communication center both added functional cabinetry while taking minimal space.

Beauty and “wow factors” were a non-requested bonuses for the customer. Decorative aspects of the project included customer selected special glazing on cabinets, custom granite counters with a tile backsplash and a custom china hutch completing the project.